The Pesaro diocesan Office of Pilgrimages, together with Caritas-Pesaro, Caritas-Italy, and Caritas-Jerusalem are encouraging followers to embark on a "virtual pilgrimage of solidarity," meaning that would-be pilgrims who are afraid to travel to Jerusalem would instead donate the corresponding expenses of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, approximately $700, or at least a portion of that amount, to attenuate the extreme poverty of "Christian peoples in Palestine." According to a report, the funds received will support four objectives: assistance to the unemployed and creation of new jobs; medical treatment and rehabilitation of minors wounded in the conflict; school expenses for students without means; and support for families in difficulty. As reported in the 10 February edition of NGO Monitor, the Caritas organizations have a long record of animosity towards Israel. They have frequently criticized Israel, vilified the Israel Defense Forces, trivialized Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians, and highlighted the Palestinians as innocent victims of an immoral, brutal oppressor.