One of three cards sold on War on Want’s website for its 2006 Christmas card campaign portrays Joseph and a pregnant Mary being searched by Israeli soldiers against the Bethlehem Separation Barrier. In this image, War on Want is explicitly connecting the suffering of Palestinians with that of Jesus.  The card further implies that Israel is intentionally persecuting Palestinian Christians, diverting attention from the ongoing oppression of Christians under the PA.   This campaign is yet another example of WoW’s use of Holocaust and anti-Semitic themes in its publications.  In the past, the NGO has accused Israel of “caging” Palestinians into “ghettos”; engaging in an “expulsion project”; and acting like a “heavyweight beating a child.”   It has also adopted traditional anti-Semitic libels (such as “poisoning the wells”) by repeating unsupported allegations that the IDF targets Palestinian water sources as a “punitive and discriminatory tool”.  See latest NGO Monitor report for more on WoW.