Lukáš Wagenknecht, chair of the Czech think tank Good Governance and a professional auditor, officially responded on behalf of his organization to a recent article published by NGO Monitor on Euractiv.

In his response, Wagenknecht calls for “greater transparency and accountability of NGOs. Especially if they are using public money.” Wagenknecht affirms that “An increasingly commercialised public sector that works closely with non-profit sectors gives rise to the potential for new forms of conflict between the individual private interests of public officials and their public duties,” adding that “To ensure continued integrity and transparency, and to avoid public concern or loss of confidence in [the] non-profit sector, the governing body should ensure that appropriate policies are in place.”

Good Governance is self-described as an independent, non-partisan think tank dedicated to promoting democratic principles and the rule of law, and whose vision is to “raise general awareness of the importance of professional public administration as well as the democratic and legal values in civil society and among important decision and opinion makers.”

Good Governance works together with the US Embassy in Prague, and promotes the internationally recognized governance standards of the United States, the European Commission, and the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions.