Click here to read," CPT blasted for organizing divestment campaign," Haaretz, Aug. 26, 2005.


Your report on NGO Monitor’s analysis of Christian Peacemakers Team (Daphna Berman, “CPT blasted for organizing divestment campaign”, August 26, 2005), covered an central issue, but includes a major error that requires correction. NGO Monitor’s report clearly did not state that "Christian Peacemakers Team (CPT) is the driving force behind the campaign for divestment from Israel and is responsible for fueling Palestinian extremism", as claimed in the Haaretz article. CPT is only one of a many NGOs behind the divestment and boycott campaigns. Additional NGO Monitor analyses have examined the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, the Mennonite Central Committee, ICAHD, ISM, and other such groups that are central in the demonization process. And in sharp contrast to the quotes in the article from CPT members on their commitment to non-violence, a quick look at their publications provides evidence of their pro-Palestinian agenda. The gap between the claims of promoting peace and actions on the ground highlights the need for NGO Monitor’s independent assessment.


Noah Joseph
Managing Editor
NGO Monitor