2021 UN Commission of Inquiry

In May 2021, Palestinian terror groups in Gaza fired over 4,000 rockets and mortars toward Israeli population centers – each one an unequivocal war crime.

As with previous flare-ups involving Gaza, NGOs ignored Palestinian violence. Instead they engaged in intense political advocacy campaigns targeting Israel, pressing the ICC to investigate Israeli officials and calling for anti-Israel BDS measures such as arms embargoes.

In response, the UN Human Rights Council established a Commission of Inquiry to “investigate” crimes allegedly committed by Israel since April 13, 2021. Fueled by disinformation provided by NGOs, the COI is yet another UN body marred by secrecy and tainted by conflicts of interest, in order to target Israel, and disseminate false and antisemitic narratives about the conflict.

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Sham UN Hearings Attempt to Suppress NGO Monitor Research

For three days, the UN’s permanent Commission of Inquiry (COI) against Israel conducted hearings ostensibly to investigate whether Israel was justified in designating seven Palestinian NGOs as terror organizations, due to their links to the PFLP. In practice, this was a forum for Commission members and NGO representatives to join in attempts to silence NGO Monitor's independent research. 


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