October 7 Hamas Atrocity: NGOs and the Gaza War

On October 7, 2023 (which was the Sabbath and a Jewish holiday), thousands of Palestinian terrorists poured across the border from Gaza into Israel, slaughtering 1200 people, torturing and maiming thousands, and kidnapping more than 200. Gaza Palestinians also engaged in public desecration of victims’ bodies. In parallel, thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli population centers, sending millions rushing to shelters.

Every one of these attacks constitutes a blatant violation of international humanitarian and human rights laws.

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Hamas Exploitation of Hospitals for Hostage Taking: The Legal Imperative to Investigate Aiding and Abetting of War Crimes

Anne Herzberg discusses the legal imperative to open investigations regarding the presence of hostages at Gaza’s medical facilities, and whether those who assisted in or were aware of this presence bear responsibility for international crimes associated with the taking of hostages on the basis of aiding and abetting such crimes, through facilitating such acts, and/or by withholding information regarding the presence and status of hostages.


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