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"As a member of HRW’s Canada Council, Ron should also be familiar with the exposure of a Middle East division dominated by intense ideologues, in contrast to universal human rights advocates. Its director, Sarah Leah Whitson, supported the tendentious "Caterpillar" Israel boycott campaign, and led an HRW fundraising trip to Saudi Arabia — an clear act of human rights hypocrisy — invoking the danger of "pro-Israel" groups as a sales pitch. The deputy head of the division, Joe Stork, came to HRW after 20 years of denouncing Israel, including participation in a "Zionism is Racism" conference in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Ron and Ramos, like other members of HRW’s defence team, chose to ignore these blatant moral failures. Instead, they justify HRW’s obsessive focus on Israel by admitting that "like most any advocacy group, watchdogs respond to media demand," in contrast to the universal human rights principles they claim to promote. The bogus HRW reports have helped to create the media demand, while Bernstein’s "moral force" has been betrayed by grossly biased officials with a craving for headlines."