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"The real issue is why groups such as these should get any public money at all. A couple of decades ago, it made sense to funnel some of our foreign-aid money through non-governmental organizations. Small, specialized, on-the-ground NGOs could often deliver aid more effectively than big bureaucratic governments, or so the thinking went. Most of these groups had simple objectives: emergency relief, or food, shelter and education for the poor. Church-sponsored groups were among the most efficient providers. Since then, NGOs have multiplied like rabbits. Many have become intensely politicized. Some spend more time on advocacy work than on concrete services to those in need." "I’m certainly not opposed to the existence of groups that denounce the neo-liberal agenda, run radical boot camps, declare carbon holidays in the name of God or think Israel is the worst country on Earth. I just don’t think they should do it with our money. If they’ve got causes they believe in, good for them. Just let them pay for it themselves, like the rest of us."