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NGO Monitor Extends Deepest Condolences on Passing of Amb. Yehuda Avner

Leaked HoMs Report on Jerusalem - Another Example of EU Subcontracting Policy to NGOs

The EU´s dependence on a very narrow group of political advocacy NGOs results in ill-informed and counter-productive policies, discredits EU policy making, and calls into question European officials´ interactions with radical NGOs.

Statement on Amnesty’s Annual Report

In anticipation of the publication of Amnesty International’s Annual Report, NGO Monitor notes that given the organization´s strong ideological biases, particularly targeting Israel, journalists, diplomats, and academics must examine each claim independently.

Statement on Video by Samaria Residents´ Council

NGO Monitor condemns the video produced by the Samaria Residents´ Council, and the imagery used in it.

105 Million NIS transferred from foreign governments to 24 politicized Israeli NGOs

Schabas Resignation: What Else Has Not Been Disclosed?

UN should launch an immediate investigation into corruption and immorality in its ranks.

NGO Monitor to UN "Schabas Commission": Adhere to Fact-Finding Standards

NGO Monitor urges the UN Human Rights Council's Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict: Avoid reliance on NGOs that are not credible or promote antisemitism.

B’Tselem Adds to the Chorus of False Gaza War Allegations

B´Tselem claims lack credibility and are part of Schabas and ICC political campaigns against Israel.

Palestinian ICC Move Follows Intense NGO Lobbying

Attempting to litigate the highly charged Arab-Israeli conflict in the ICC could spell the end of the court, and the NGOs and their European funders will be responsible.

Caveat Emptor: Consider Amnesty’s Non-Methodology and Lack of Credibility

Amnesty International´s record demonstrates multiple failures and biases.

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