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Court Affirms Rachel Corrie Put Herself In Harm's Way While Acting On Behalf Of ISM

ISM’s cynical and immoral strategy endangers the lives of its members. Corrie’s bereaved parents should address the ISM for causing her wrongful death, and not target the IDF that is charged with protecting Israeli civilians against terrorism.

International Solidarity Movement Culpable in the Death of Rachel Corrie

Agenda for EU Head´s Visit to Israel Should Include Secret Funding for Political NGOs

NGO Monitor Commends Presbyterian Vote Rejecting Divestment

NGO Monitor Hosts Book Launch for "Best Practices"

Statement Regarding Demand by NGOs to End Blockade

The NGOs and UN agencies continue the immoral exploitation of universal human rights for political objectives, using the façade of human rights and humanitarian aid while callously ignoring indiscriminate rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.

NGO Monitor Statement on Violence against African Migrants

As an organization dedicated to the universal principles of human rights, NGO Monitor deplores acts and expressions of violence, incitement, and hatred in all forms.

Half the Story: Analysis of Amnesty’s 2012 World Report

Background and Statement on NGO Campaigns in Support of Palestinian Hunger Strikers

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Repeats False NGO Claims in Latest Attack on Israel

Commissioner Pillay is either confused or is regurgitating false information from self-interested political NGOs, or both. Pillay, who heads one of the least transparent and closed international institutions, should embrace transparency and public accountability.

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