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Amnesty International Acts Immorally after the Murder of Israeli Civilians

BDS Leaders Continued to Receive NIF Funding in 2010

Human Rights Watch’s Race-baiting Condemned by NGO Monitor’s International Advisory Board

HRW condemned for its lack of moral judgment in Libya and Syria for exploiting American civil rights movement.

NIF-Funded Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement Protest March

New Israel Fund (NIF) Funded-Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement to Lead Jerusalem March in Support of Unilateral Declaration of Indepence, and Against NIF Guidelines

Ethical Guidelines Introduced for NGOs and Funders

Durban III Draft Resolution Provides Platform for NGOs

NGO Monitor Remembers Human Rights Leader Yelena Bonner

Background Regarding Proposed Legislation to End Government Funding to NGOs

Statement and Background on New Initiative Impacting NGOs and National Service Volunteers

NGO Monitor to U.S. Government: Don’t turn to HRW for Consultations

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