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NOVA Centre per la Innovaci Social (Center for Social Initiative)


In their own wordsPromotes “international action for peace and provides assistance to populations affected by armed conflict, without discrimination by race, religion or political ideology.” Maintains that it “encourages the use and study of civilian rather than military strategies” in order “to defend international legality, equality and justice.”


  • EU Partnership for Peace program: €355,130 (2013)for a project titled “Addressing fear: strengthening the nonviolent alternative,” aimed at “increasing human security of communities directly affected by the conflict in the West Bank.”
  • AECID (the primary aid-giving agency of the Spanish Foreign Ministry): €187,100 (2011) for a project titled “Strengthening the Palestinian Civil Society that is committed to defending human rights and a nonviolent resolution of conflict”; €322,560 (2010) for a project called “Promotion of a strategy for peaceful management of conflicts and effective defense of human rights in Palestine and Israel.
  • Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Spain):130,000 (2010-2012) for a grant titled “Research, elaboration of strategies for the compliance of international law and respect for human rights in the conflict between Palestine and Israel.”


  • Alleges that Israel implements a system of “apartheid,” “discrimination,” and “human rights violations” against the Palestinian people.
  • Supported the “Rumbo a Gaza” initiative, which attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza in 2011.
  • In 2010, NOVA organized the first session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, held in Barcelona from March 1-3, 2010. Topics included “the settlements and plundering of natural resources,” “the annexation of East Jerusalem,” “the construction of the Wall in Occupied Palestinian Territory,” and “the blockade of Gaza and operation Cast lead.”
  • In 2009 NOVA and a number of other Spanish organizations published a report on “apartheid” in Israel. The report concludes: “At this stage, and as a result of the analysis, we can affirm that the discrimination inflicted on the Palestinian people by Israel constitutes a crime of apartheid. This case has special characteristics that distinguish it from the South African case, but nevertheless, it remains in accordance with the convention on Apartheid.” (p.68)
  • Organized a campaign in 2007 titled “Palestina al Cor (Palestine in the Heart),” in a show of “solidarity with the Palestinian people on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the so-called “Naqba”—a day during which the Palestinians and much of the Arab world mourn the “tragedy” of the 1948 establishment of the state of Israel. The initiative “aims to generate accurate and timely information to publicize the situation of violation of international law and human rights of the Palestinian people.”

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