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In their own words“WESPAC Foundation has been the leading force in Westchester County (NY) for peace and justice work for over three decades… provides outreach and community to individuals, groups and leaders in civic and religious organizations… who find themselves without a voice or support system for their progressive positions… purpose is to give a human face to those who would otherwise be unrecognized victims of war, injustice...”


WESPAC 2009 revenues: $135,175. Does not detail donors in 990 forms.


  • CEO Nada Khader (since 2001), Palestinian-American, served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program in the Gaza Strip.
  • Radical anti-Israel agenda: Demands the US “end all aid to Israel, diplomatic, economic, military… to this apartheid, racist state.” Refers to US-funded “atrocities” in “our homeland.”
  • Seeks to “place AIPAC and the neo-cons squarely in the camp of the warmongers… [and] halt billions of dollars of military aid.”
  • In 2004, sponsored an art show described by County Legislator James Maisano as “hateful activity”, “demonstrat[ing] anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Jewish hatred, as well as tributes to terrorists.”
  • Employs “apartheid” rhetoric, and sponsored Israeli Apartheid Week [IAW] events in New-York in 2009-2011.
  • Opposition to peace: Rejects “futile negotiations”, which “present a threat to Palestinian rights, including the right of return, and that the Palestinian Authority leadership has not represented the Palestinian people, especially the seven million Palestinians living in exile and throughout the diaspora.”
  • Promotes the Palestinian narrative, claiming that “military occupation is a cause of violence and terrorism not vice versa.”
  • Promotes the Palestinian “right of return”, saying: “we have a right to return to our homes, to our villages, to be compensated for the property that was stolen from us.”
  • Support for BDS: Participates in the anti-Israeli BDS (Boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, including supporting Adalah-NY, a BDS leader in the US, and joins the organization in BDS and “apartheid” events.
  • Has a “Business proposal” to “wage peace” that would “fit with the anti-Caterpillar campaign.”
  • Supports the “Palestine Freedom Project,” “dedicated to providing resources and logistical support to grassroots Palestine solidarity activists everywhere”, and is involved with BDS. Co-sponsored a “Palestine Solidarity Vigil” in NY, together with the radical group, CodePink.
  • Support for the “Free Gaza” campaign: Promotes the “Free Gaza” activities, and Khader participated in a fundraising event for “USTOGAZA.”

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