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Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)


JVP’s strategy is to create “a wedge” within the American Jewish community, while working toward the goal of eliminating U.S. economic, military, and political aid to Israel.


Country/TerritoryUnited States
Founded1996, based in the United States
In their own wordsViews itself as the “Jewish wing” of the Palestinian solidarity movement and seeks to “end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.”


  • JVP’s funding sources are not transparent, and its website carries no information on its donors. Limited financial information on JVP is only available through public IRS documents (990s) and databases, which report a total revenue of $1,181,372 in 2013 and $1,424,461 in 2014.
  • In June 2015, received a two-year grant of $140,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
  • JVP has received funding from the Violet Jabara Charitable Trust (an Arab-American foundation that also supports Electronic Intifada), the Firedoll Foundation, and the Wallace Global Fund, which all contribute to numerous other anti-Israel groups.


Support for BDS

  • Promotes political warfare strategy against Israel, including BDS, sustained campaigns of demonization alleging “apartheid” and “racism,” and support for a Palestinian claim to a “right of return” with the ultimate goal of dismantling Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
  • JVP provides cover for BDS and attempts to shield activists from accusations of antisemitism: “We will defend activists around the world who employ the full range of BDS tactics when they are demonized or wrongly accused of antisemitism.”
  • On February 2, 2016, JVP, together with “Jews Say No!,” circulated a deceptive print and online edition of The New York Times to protest the newspaper’s coverage of Israel. The front page of the falsified edition read, “Congress to Debate U.S. Aid to Israel” and featured several ads, including one for Shalom Cement, a company specializing in building “apartheid walls,” and another for a luxury watch that reads: “The time is now to end Israeli military aid.”
  • In 2016, JVP partnered with the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation in taking out a full-page ad in the L.A. Times, calling on Academy Award nominees to reject a free trip to Israel. This followed a failed attempt to place a similar ad in Variety magazine.
  • Quotes BDS leader Omar Barghouti in its “Passover Hagaddah 2012/5772,” which also includes a “L’chayim [a toast] to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement.” Among the Hagaddah’s “Ten Plagues of the Israeli Occupation” is the “plague” of the “Denial of the Right of Return.” In its “Passover Hagaddah 5776/2016” the customary third cup of wine is drank as a “L’chayim to the BDS movement!”
  • In July 2014, JVP organized demonstrations in 15 cities across the United States, opposing Israeli self-defense measures in Gaza, accusing Israel of “collective punishment,” and calling for BDS.

Justifying Palestinian “Resistance”

  • Promotes false allegations that the “Al-Aqsa mosque” is under threat “due to the escalation of Israeli settler violence, which is supported by the Israeli police and military” and that Israel “fanned the flames of Palestinian grassroots resistance by stepping up its attacks against al-Aqsa mosque.” These claims are often used to justify attacks on Israeli civilians.
  • Shared a Twitter message posted by one of its officials, Alice Rothchild, calling for JVP members and supporters to use the hashtag #SaveAlaqsa on social media. This hashtag had also been used by Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, to encourage murderous attacks against innocent Israelis.
  • In October 2015, referred to an increase in terror attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces as “Palestinian popular resistance” and posted a statement on its Facebook page that praises “a new generation of Palestinians…rising up en-masse against Israel’s brutal, decades-old regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid.”

Ignoring Antisemitism

  • In response to the January 2015 Paris terror attacks, including the attack on a kosher market, JVP published a blog post (“The Paris Murders & the Islamophobic Backlash“) ignoring antisemitism and instead highlighting that “Muslims are at greatly heightened risk from the forces of bigotry. This latest backlash occurs in the context of pervasive, systemic, and long-standing anti-Islam bigotry in many countries around the world.”

Support for the Palestinian narrative of “Nakba”

  • JVP supports and promotes the Palestinian narrative of “Nakba” (referring to the establishment of the State of Israel as a “catastrophe,”), as well as a Palestinian “right of return,” which, if implemented, would mean the elimination of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.
  • Organized a special website, “Facing the Nakba,” which provides “educational resources to American Jews and a general American audience about the history of the Nakba and its implications in Palestine/Israel today.”

Role of the Organized Jewish Community

  • According to the FAQs section of its website: “Jews have a special role to play in bringing about a change in American and Israeli policy…Israel claims to be acting in the name of the Jewish people, and it is up to us to make sure the world knows that many of us are opposed to their actions.”
  • JVP regards the organized Jewish community as its “enemy” and “opponent,” yet it demands a seat at the communal table.


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