• In May 2016 the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office responded to a question submitted by Joan Ryan MP, detailing funding for Israeli and Palestinian NGOs “through the (i) Conflict Security and Stability Fund and (ii) bilateral programme budget.” For the details on this funding see table below.
  • These two programs are managed via two separate UK government offices:
    • The Conflict Security and Stability Fund (which has replaced the “Conflict Pool” in April 2015) is administered by the British National Security Council (NSC) “taking a long-term view of British interests.”
    • The Bilateral Programme Budget (BPB) is administered via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with funds disbursed by UK embassies, consulates and representative offices.
  • Many of the Israeli NGO grantees (£620,212 in 2015/6) are highly politicized and controversial organizations as seen within Israeli society. Evaluations of impacts and their capabilities to advance the ostensible objectives for this UK government funding, if any, are not publicly available.
  • An additional source of funding for political NGOs is the Department for International Development (DFID – UK Aid) which partners with and provides funds to various international NGOs which then fund Israeli and Palestinian groups. These include the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Christian Aid, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), etc.
    • Partial information on DFID funding is available in a projects database. Local NGO recipients, which receive UK funds via international organizations, appear anonymously as “civil society organizations / NGOs.” (“Supplier Name Withheld”). Additionally, details on grants to Palestinian NGOs no longer (as of May 2016) appear on the website of the British Consulate in Jerusalem.

UK Funding for Israeli NGOs- 2015/2016 (excluding DFID)

NGOFunding MechanismAmount
The Peres Centre for PeaceConflict, Stability and Security Fund£44,592
Centre for Professional Arab Local GovernanceConflict, Stability and Security Fund£60,608
Kids Creating PeaceConflict, Stability and Security Fund£40,000
Yesh DinConflict, Stability and Security Fund£196,084
GishaConflict, Stability and Security Fund£53,126
Peace NowConflict, Stability and Security Fund£124,361
Terrestrial JerusalemConflict, Stability and Security Fund £51,040
The International Peace and Cooperation CentreConflict, Stability and Security Fund £232,933
Rabbis for Human RightsConflict, Stability and Security Fund£101,441

UK Funding for Palestinian NGOs- 2015/2016

NGOFunding MechanismAmount
Jerusalem Community Advocacy Network ( also registered in Israel)Conflict, Stability and Security Fund£141,679
Society for the care of Disabled PeopleBilateral Programme Budget £9,117
Nawa Association for Culture and Arts AssociationBilateral Programme Budget £7,111
Al Aqsa Sports and Social ClubBilateral Programme Budget£9,602
Society for Physically Handicapped PeopleBilateral Programme Budget£9,602
Ibda’a for children development and institutional cultural exchangeBilateral Programme Budget£5,062
 Idna Cooperation - Women Capacity BuildingBilateral Programme Budget£6,658
Sourif Association for Higher EducationBilateral Programme Budget£2,920
Iman and Baraem KindergartensBilateral Programme Budget£4,865
ADWAR Association for Social ChangeBilateral Programme Budget£5,516
Assembly of Benevolent Operation Bilateral Programme Budget£7,061
Atwar centre Bilateral Programme Budget£1,282
Diyar Sports school for GirlsBilateral Programme Budget£6,328
Saint Nicolas Home for the ElderlyBilateral Programme Budget£5,183
Hebron Rehabilitation CommitteeBilateral Programme Budget£5,010
Ashtar TheatreBilateral Programme Budget £2,127
The Arab Chamber of Commerce and IndustryBilateral Programme Budget £9,963
Aqaba Club for Unity and HopeBilateral Programme Budget£5,169
Burj Al Luqluq Youth Centre (also registered in Israel)Bilateral Programme Budget£19,297
Silwan Youth Centre (also registered in Israel)Bilateral Programme Budget£7,173