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Terrestrial Jerusalem


In their own words“To identify and track the full spectrum of developments in Jerusalem that could impact either the political process or permanent status options, destabilize the city or spark violence, or create humanitarian crises.”



  • Founded by Daniel Seidemann (founder and former director of Ir Amim); Terrestrial Jerusalem (TJ) is another foreign government-funded political advocacy vehicle for Seidemann.
  • Of the 14 publications listed on the TJ website (as of July 31, 2012), most were authored by Seidemann. Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now also contributed to 4 reports.

Political Advocacy

  • Lobbies intensively against policies and projects undertaken by the Israeli government and Jerusalem municipality designed to benefit the city’s residents, Arab and Jewish. For instance, regarding the Mount Scopus National Park, which was created “to protect against illegal building, which could destroy the last green area in east Jerusalem” and to “fight against criminals who throw trash and private individuals who try to appropriate the land,” TJ alleges that “the clear goal of this park is to take land away from Palestinian residents and make it available for future Israeli development.”
  • Promotes a one-sided approach to the conflict, placing sole blame for the failure of the peace process on Israel. The complexities of the situation in Jerusalem – including illegal building and crime in Palestinian neighborhoods, damage to the Temple Mount as a result of illegal digging by the Waqf, and incitement to violence against Jews by extremist clerics – are erased.
  • Founder Danny Seidemann has claimed that Israel’s actions in Jerusalem were “contributing to the transformation of a resolvable national-political conflict into an intractable mix of jihad, war of mitzvah, and Armageddon – a religious war driven by the Biblical imagery.”
  • A TJ report claims that settler related events “are radicalizing the conflict, in a manner that threatens to transform a resolvable political conflict into a zero-sum, intractable religious war.” (“East Jerusalem: Development and Trends,” November 19, 2011).
  • A presentation titled “East Jerusalem Settlements and the Imminent Demise of the Two State Solution” appears to treat the Geneva Accords as an official representation of the “two-state solution,” as opposed to an unofficial, non-governmental initiative that does not represent the Israeli or the Palestinian negotiating positions.
  • Reflecting a one-sided perspective, Seidemann only listed Israeli actions in warning about “the prospect of a Jerusalem event causing an eruption that devastates the political process.” (“Jerusalem on the Brink,” Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre, August 16, 2010)

Foreign donations based on reports to Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits (amounts in NIS)

*Amounts for 2015-2016 are based off of annual reports

United Kingdom86,3381,044,442308,403450,56135,332


[1 “to break down the deep-seated psychological barriers that exist within Palestinian and Israeli societies and whose existence serves to perpetuate the conflict. As such, we work to tackle the most critical psychological barriers, such as – fear, mistrust, and dehumanization of the other and divergent conflict narratives – by developing and implementing innovative programming that utilizes the incredible power of mass media, education, grassroots movements, and targeted campaigns.”

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