Trócaire has launched a campaign – consisting of a video, petition, and public displays – marking “the 50th anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank, and the 10th anniversary of the blockade of Gaza.”

Trócaire is the “overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland.” The organization received nearly €55 million (2013-2015) from Irish Aid.

  • Trócaire’s 90-second video (posted May 30, 2017) consists of false accusations and propaganda, such as Palestinians suffer “arbitrary arrest”, entirely erasing the need for security due to terrorism that has killed hundreds of Israelis and injured many more.

Screenshots from Trócaire’s video:


Example of images not found in Trócaire’s video:

Source: Flash90

  • The video encourages people to sign petitions calling for discriminatory boycotts of Israel and of Irish companies, citing problematic and unsourced statistics on the plight of Palestinians.
  • This prejudicial framing is consistent with Trócaire’s ongoing campaign calling for sanctioning Israel by suspending trade agreements with Ireland and the EU. (Irish government policy opposes trade sanctions or boycotts of Israel.)
  • Trócaire clearly employs a double standard that discriminates and singles out Israel in justifying this politicized campaigning, ostensibly “to raise international awareness around the injustice of human rights violations.” In contrast, the injustice suffered by Israeli victims of ongoing Palestinian terrorism apparently does not warrant raising “international awareness.