1. Adalah (Donors include Switzerland, EU, Broederlijk Delen [Belgium], Bread for the World-EED [Germany], Oxfam Novib [Netherlands], UNDP)

“Adalah welcomes the decision of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council (HRC) tonight (27 May 2021) to open an ongoing commission of inquiry (COI) that will examine, in-depth, the human rights violations committed by the State of Israel against Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. The mass killing of a civilian population in Gaza…” (May 27)


  1. Al Haq (Donors include EU, Norway, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain)

“The announced-ceasefire does not end Israel’s institutionalised regime of racial oppression, domination and dispossession, embedded in Israel’s settler-colonial and apartheid system imposed over the Palestinian people as a whole. Israel’s violence and oppression against the Palestinian people continues on a daily basis.” (May 27)


  1. Al Mezan (Donors include EU, Netherlands, Diakonia [Sweden], Medico International [Germany])

“For years, Palestinian human rights organizations have repeatedly called on the international community to investigate Israel’s systemic regime of racial supremacy, oppression and domination over the Palestinian people and gross violations of international law….Among the violations that must be immediately investigated are Israel’s clearly apparent war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated during its recent military offensive against the Gaza Strip between 10-21 May 2021.” (May 29)


  1. B’Tselem (Donors include EU, Norway, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, DanChurchAid [Denmark], Trocaire [Ireland], Diakonia [Sweden], Bread for the World- EED [Germany], UNICEF, UNDP.)


“Bombing residential towers – that do not constitute a military target and make dozens of families homeless – is a war crime. The architects and leaders of the Israeli apartheid regime, who do not consider Palestinians as equal human beings deserving full human rights, should be prosecuted for this war crime.” (May 12)


  1. Defense for Children International – Palestine (Donors include EU, Italy, Netherlands, Broederlijk Delen [Belgium],UNICEF)

“60 Palestinian children killed since Monday, widespread targeting of civilian buildings and infrastructure in #Gaza, and Israeli forces are broadcasting US weapons are involved. End US funding to the Israeli apartheid regime & enforce an arms embargo now.” (May 17 tweet Brad Parker)


  1. Palestinian Center for Human Rights (Donors include EU, Ireland, Spain, France, DanChurchAid [Denmark], Kvinna Till Kvinna [Sweden], Trocaire [Ireland], Oxfam Novib [Netherlands], Misereor [Germany], OCHA, OHCHR, UNDP, UN Women)

“PCHR strongly condemns IOF’s use of mass explosive power against civilians and their property and emphasizes that its use on houses and densely populated areas without any warning proves Israel’s intention to inflect harm on Palestinian civilians in disregard for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) principles of distinction and proportionality through killing and massacring entire families.(May 16)


  1. Physicians for Human Rights Israel (Donors include EU,  Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Diakonia [Sweden], Medico International [Germany], Bread for the World [Germany], HEKS-EPER [Switzerland], UNHCR)

“For decades, Palestinians have lived under Israeli control in its various forms – including aspects of apartheid and colonialism – in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel. This reality, in which both Israeli and Palestinian societies are part of an oppressive segregation regime with incitement coming from the highest ranks, has led a boiling point and to a loss of faith in the possibility of a truly equal and safe shared future.” (May 12)


  1. Zochrot (Donors include Oxfam Great Britain, Broederlijk Delen [Belgium], Rosa Luxemberg Foundation [Germany], Finn Church Aid [Finland], Christian Aid [UK], Trocaire [Ireland], ICCO [Netherlands], CCFD [France], Misereor [Germany], HEKS [Switzerland])

“The killing and destruction will end only when the root of the problem is addressed: a colonialist regime that continually dispossesses the Palestinians.” (May 15)