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Israel is the focus of a new form of anti-Semitism, expressed through double standards and obsessive attacks, not only from Palestinians and many Muslim countries, but also among western elites.

Among many western politicians, in the media and for groups claiming to promote human rights, there is more than a hint of the view that the Israeli victims “had it coming”, and that the terrorists are the real victims. A typical BBC headline declared “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two,” turning terrorists into victims. Similarly, Sky News told viewers: “Palestinians shot dead in alleged knife attacks.”

…the double standards denying that Israelis are equal victims, and the repletion of Palestinian justifications for terror, are only part of the problem. In parallel, a widespread campaign is underway to delegitimize the Israeli defence against the terrorists, while approving the forceful (and late) responses following the attacks in Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino.

A number of anti-Israel “human rights” groups, including Amnesty International, have exploited the stabbing attacks to repeat blood libels, again accusing Israel of using “excessive force”. The NGO created the fiction of “heavily armed soldiers and police wearing body armour facing a possible knife attack”, in contrast to the reality of unarmed victims, including children and elderly civilians.