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On Tuesday, by reporting that Israel is an ‘apartheid’ state within all its borders and is committing crimes against humanity, Amnesty International declared war on the fundamental principle of Zionism. Throughout the entirety of its document – which was hailed by Hamas and other terrorist groups – Amnesty International explicitly negates Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, while employing phrases that echo antisemitic language – such as “Jewish control” and “Jewish supremacy.”

Among other things, it was claimed that the goal of Israel’s establishment was to impose Jewish control over the area, and that “apartheid began in 1948.” At the last moment and only after a draft of the report was leaked and condemned across the globe, Amnesty removed the above statement from its final report.

The report is significant for several reasons; most importantly being the fact that it exposes and very accurately characterizes the objectives of the movement to de-legitimize Israel, spearheaded by “human rights” organizations. The purpose of the report’s publication is singular: To make plain that the establishment of the Jewish state was a crime and that only by dismantling it can justice be done. In the eyes of its authors and their allies, the Jewish people must be denied their right to self-determination in a sovereign country.

Similar to previous publications by B’Tselem and Human Rights Watch, this report outlines rules that define Israel’s unique role as the national state of the Jewish people as serious crimes. For instance, the Law of Return, which allows Jews in the Diaspora to receive Israeli citizenship faster than non-Jews, similar to laws that exist in other democratic countries – is labeled a racist law.

This is not surprising when it comes from an organization such as Amnesty International, whose senior officials have been involved in antisemitic incidents in the past, including antisemitic remarks against British lawmakers, a 2015 decision not to investigate antisemitism, and a 2019 report claiming that tourists who visit Jerusalem’s Old City and Western Wall contribute to war crimes.