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Yona Schiffmiller

Yona Schiffmiller


Yona Schiffmiller is Director of Research at NGO Monitor. Previously, Yona headed NGO Monitor’s North America Desk, leading efforts countering US and Canadian funding to NGOs engaged in BDS activity, antisemitic rhetoric, and celebrations of violence.

Yona has also focused on Gaza-related issues, including the diversion of aid by terrorist organizations.  He wrote and helped edit chapters in our 2015 publication, Filling in the Blanks, which analyzes misuse of humanitarian aid in Gaza and explores other key dimensions to understanding the 2014 Gaza war.

Yona holds an MA in International Security and Diplomacy studies from Hebrew University, where he also received his BA in Political Science and International Relations. His articles and op-eds have appeared in The Hill, the ForwardYisrael Hayom, and other outlets.


BDS on American College Campuses
Medical “malpractice” by anti-Israel NGOs
Exploitation of humanitarian aid in Gaza

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מאמר דעה: כן, אנטי-ציונות היא אנטישמיות מודרנית

בשנים האחרונות, קמה לה תנועה שחרטה על דגלה את מחיקתה של מדינה אחת בלבד - המדינה היהודית. בעיניי מובילי ה-BDS, שום שינוי מדיניות לא יערער את הקביעה שמדינת ישראל כולה הינה ישות בלתי לגיטימית, שצריכה להיעלם בשם הצדק והנאורות

[Opinion] BDS is Expanding

Yona Schiffmiller describes how BDS is expanding in the United States, infiltrating college campuses and being linked to various internal American issues, completely detached from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

[Opinion] World Health Organization Blames Israel for Palestinian Ills

Yona Schiffmiller asserts that in order to effectively asses the state of Palestinian health in Gaza, the World Health Organization must base its analysis on facts and not contrived NGO distortions, admit Palestinian abuses of medical infrastructure, and remain focused on core issues of health without veering off to launch political attacks against Israel.

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