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Mordechai, Esther and Achashverosh, the buffoon king, are (somewhat) exaggerated, but it seems that every generation has its Haman characters – including anti-Semites filled with hate, dedicated to attacking the Jewish People.

Today’s version is known as BDS – the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement – whose leaders have the same goals as Haman. BDS is no laughing matter, but it has plenty of jokers – for example, Omar Barghouti, a perpetual student at Tel Aviv University masquerading as the “Palestinian” face of the boycott movement, and Ali Abunimah, the ranting head of an organization that calls itself Electronic Intifada, who spreads myths of Palestinian victimization from the comfort of Chicago.

Like Haman and his gang in the Purim story, the leaders of BDS warfare had a run of successes, but appear to be losing momentum and may be headed, if not to the gallows, at least to the dustbin of history.

…[S]uccesses are impressive, but they don’t mean the threat has passed or that the BDS war has been defeated and we can celebrate another victory of good over evil, as in the Purim saga. The BDS money continues to flow, and as some government funders in Europe close the taps, others – particularly the trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in New York – are playing the role of Achashverosh in affixing their seals to absurd decrees (in the form of grant requests from BDS groups).

We are at best half-way through the Megillah, after Mordechai realizes that the Jews are in danger, but before Esther succeeds in destroying Haman, winning over the king, and saving the day.