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However EAPPI – founded by the World Council of Churches and supported in the UK by Christian Aid and the Quakers – are considered to be a controversial group and stand accused of being anti-Israel advocates whose work “runs the risk of leading to anti-Jewish sentiment.” “EAPPI is a one-sided advocacy group promoting the Durban strategy of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel, supporting the Palestinian claim of a ‘right of return,’ which is code for ending Israeli sovereignty, and systematically ignoring continuous Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians – each one a war crime,” Yitzhak Santis, chief programs officer at the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post.

Santis said that the EAPPI uses the language of morality to promote highly immoral activities, which has contributed to obstacles to a peace based on mutual understanding and acceptance. “Its program of bringing volunteers to the territories, and then sending them home to act as pro-Palestinian advocates, makes EAPPI an active participant in the conflict. Western governments that fund the World Council of Churches have a responsibility to ensure that taxpayers’ money is not being used to fund EAPPI’s activities,” Santis said.