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The current wave of terror throughout Israel cannot be separated from the decades-long effort of the Palestinians and Arab States to demonize Israel and erase Jewish self-determination in the land of Israel.

A central manifestation of this political warfare is to erase the context of Palestinian terrorism and justify illegal attacks on Israeli civilians as a so-called “right of resistance”. The primary foot soldiers in this battle are dozens of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that claim to promote human rights. They are bankrolled by European governments and the European Union with hundreds of millions of pounds, kroner, francs and euros. Any time Palestinians inflame violence, these NGOs can be counted on to use their European taxpayer funds to issue hundreds of glossy publications, interactive media, and advertisements that deny Palestinian violence and condemn any and all Israeli measures to combat it. Their constructed narrative becomes ubiquitous in newspaper articles and on European radio and TV, and they offer a stream of anti-Israel invective at the UN and in European parliaments.

The erasing of Palestinian terrorism and demonizing Israel is nothing new for these organizations. Last June, they held events at the UN in conjunction with the presentation of the UN Schabas-Davis report on the 2014 Gaza War, promoting BDS, accusing Israel of deliberately murdering children, and endorsing a “right of resistance.”