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As an internationally recognized humanitarian organization, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders, aka MSF) is viewed by many as apolitical, solely concerned with improving the well-being of people in need. In truth, MSF has strayed far from its goal of providing emergency medical aid, and it has violated its own pledge to observe “neutrality and impartiality.” Instead, it is taking advantage of its reputation to engage in anti-Israel political warfare.

Recently, MSF’s use of demonizing language has been accompanied by a series of demonstratively false claims, including the accusation that Palestinians are prohibited from leaving Gaza to receive medical treatment – despite the fact that Palestinian patients leave Gaza for medical centers in Israel on an almost daily basis.  So too, these doctors-turned-political-activists falsely state that Israel’s military “continues to starve the territory of desperately needed supplies, including building materials,” ignoring the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism that allows building materials into Gaza under UN supervision. Similarly, the group absurdly claims that one “million children still live in bombed out ruins,” despite their own finding that 12,000 homes were destroyed in Gaza during the fighting in 2014.

These distortions and offensive attacks demonstrate that MSF should stick to what it knows best — providing medical aid. Taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a gross violation of MSF’s stated principle of neutrality, and well beyond the organization’s expertise. It is an abuse of MSF’s status as a humanitarian group, and severely undermines the doctors’ credibility. Worse yet, their demonization of Israel, coupled with the free pass they have issued Hamas, emboldens and immunizes terrorists.