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“Commenting on the need to host speakers such as Meyer at European events, Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of the Jerusalem-based watchdog organization NGO Monitor, said, “The evil resides in those who are exploiting Meyer’s tragedy for their cynical agenda.” Steinberg and NGO Monitor exposed the improper funds for the Anne Frank high school program in an early October report. He argues there is a “readiness of organizations and individuals” in Europe to allow critics like Meyer and the American Jewish anti-Zionist activist Hedy Epstein, who fled the Holocaust to England in 1939, to voice positions that delegitimize the existence of Israel. “There is a demand for this and it soothes the guilt complexes of Europeans,” said Steinberg. He added that the “German organization [EVZ]” provides a “platform to reinforce their extreme psychological responses” of Meyer and Epstein. A Holocaust survivor like Meyer helps to “assuage their [Europeans’] guilt” and an organization [EVZ] should not be party to this kind of exploitation.” Steinberg and NGO Monitor have called on the EVZ to recoup the mismanaged funds and use the funds to teach Holocaust education and compensate survivors.”