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Additional information on Breaking the Silence.

NGO Monitor’s analysis, “Europe to Breaking the Silence: Bring Us As Many Incriminating Testimonies as Possible (published May 4, 2015).

Breaking the Silence International Activities: September 2012-June 2015 (updated May 5, 2015).

Breaking the Silence Funding Chart.




Putting Israel on Trial at the Zurich ‘Kulturhaus’
Gerald M. Steinberg | The Jerusalem Post | June 1, 2015

Swiss MPs: Funding for Breaking the Silence a ‘scandal and misuse of tax money’
Benjamin Weinthal | The Jerusalem Post | June 7, 2015

Anti-Semitism Rejoices
Dan Margalit | Israel Hayom | June 4, 2015

Israel Slams Swiss Funding for Exhibit by Israeli NGO
AFP/ Times of Israel | June 3, 2015 (Also in Ynet, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, and The Local)

Israel Demands Switzerland Not Fund ‘Anti-Israel’ Exhibit
i24 News | June 3, 2015

Deputy FM Mulls Ways to Stop Breaking the Silence in Zurich
The Jerusalem Post | June 2, 2015

Israel’s New Deputy Foreign Minister Faces Off Against Breaking the Silence Over Swiss Exhibition
The Algemeiner | June 2, 2015

Israel Urges Switzerland to Stop Funding Leftist NGO Breaking the Silence
Haaretz | June 2, 2015

Hatovely Takes on Anti-IDF Exhibit in Switzerland
Arutz 7 | June 2, 2015

Switzerland Defends its Funding of Breaking the Silence
The Times of Israel | May 26, 2015

Switzerland Defends Funding for Israeli Leftist Group 
JTA | May 22, 2015 (Also in Times of Israel and The Forward).

Report: Swiss Government Funding NGO Dedicated to Discrediting IDF
The Tower | May 22, 2015

Public Funding for Swiss ‘Breaking the Silence’ Event Stuns Local Jewish Community
David Daoud | The Algemeiner | May 20, 2015


Follow the Money: From Europe to Left Wing NGOs
Israel Hayom | June 6, 2015

Demand from the Europeans – Where Does the Money Go?
Shimon Cohen | Arutz 7 | May 29, 2015

Protesting Against Switzerland: “A Knife in the Back of Israel and the IDF”
Tzvika Klein | NRG | May 28, 2015

“My Truth” Against “Breaking the Silence”
Matan Katzman | Israel Hayom | May 28, 2015

Stop Funding Lies: Demonstration in Front of Swiss Embassy
Zvika Klein | NRG | May 26, 2015

Double Standard
Maariv | May 26, 2015

Column One: The Israeli Enablers in Action
The Jerusalem Post | May 21, 2015

Israeli NGOs Launched a Campaign Against the Swiss Government
NRG | May 21, 2015

Version Fight over Protective Edge
Channel 2 | May 21, 2015

The Swiss Government Funds Breaking the Silence Event
NRG | May 20, 2015


Breaking the Silence: Would have been better silent
European News Agency| June 5, 2015

“Everything That Remains is as Good as Dead”
Tagesan Zeiger | May 24, 2015; Also in Berner Zeitung

Any Person Who Presents a Risk
Neue Zuercher Zeitung | May 23, 2015

Breaking the Silence – “Propaganda for International Consumption
Audiatur Online | May 20, 2015



Publication of Israeli Soldiers’ Accounts Clouded by Political Agenda
Gerald Steinberg | Canberra Times | May 9, 2015

Curbing the Self-Loathing Jewish Defamers of Israel
Isi Leibler, The Jerusalem Post, May 18, 2015

The Latest “Breaking the Silence” Report Isn’t Journalism. It’s Propaganda.
Matti Friedman | Mosaic Magazine | May 14, 2015

Breaking the Silence Bids to Place IDF, Hamas on Level Field
Mitch Ginsburg | The Times of Israel | May 12, 2015

Behind Breaking the Silence: Foreign Funding, Bounty Hunting, and Hypocrisy
Lori Lowenthal Marcus | Jewish Press | May 11, 2015

Breaking the Silence Isn’t Golden
Ted Lapkin | The Times of Israel | May 11, 2015

A Manipulation of Human Rights
Ben Dror Yemini | Ynet | May 9, 2015

‘Breaking the Silence’ Report on Gaza Conflict ‘Lacks Credibility and Objectivity’, Says Watchdog Group Citing Foreign Funding of the Organization
Europe Israel Press Association | May 6, 2015

‘Breaking the Silence’ is Breaking the Truth on Gaza War
Elder of Ziyon | The Algemeiner | May 5, 2015

Breaking the Silence: A Middleman for Anonymous Sources
Honest Reporting | May 5, 2015

NGO Monitor: Negative Testimony From ‘Breaking the Silence’ Meets Quote for Grant Makers
Hana Levi Julian | The Jewish Press | May 4, 2015

Israeli NGO Charges IDF with ‘Loss of Morality’ During Gaza War
i24 News | May 4, 2015

NGO Monitor: Europe to Breaking the Silence: Bring Us as Many Incriminating Testimonies as Possible
IMRA | May 4, 2015


Who Does ‘Breaking the Silence’ Serve?
Yona Schiffmiller | Israel Hayom | May 10, 2015

Breaking the Silence: Soldier’s Said to Us “We Acted Like Crazy People”
Yehuda Yifrach | NRG/Makor Rishon | May 8, 2015

Racism? Condescension
Emily Amrousi  | Israel HaYom | May 8, 2015

Additional languages

Europe to Breaking the Silence: Bring Us Many Incriminating Testimonies as Possible (Spanish)
PorIsrael | May 6, 2015

Partial and Unreliable Report on Israeli Army (Dutch)
Joods Actueel | May 5, 2015

IDF and a Number of Politicians Reject New Report Accusing the Army for Allowing Deadly Attacks Against Civilians During the Gaza War 2014 (Danish)
Berlingske | May 5, 2015