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“A German foundation called EVZ, set up to compensate slave workers during the Holocaust and fight contemporary anti- Semitism, is being taken to task by Israeli, US, and German NGOs for its failure to remedy its reported misuse of public funds to support anti- Israel activities. Prof. Gerald Steinberg, president of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that “It is very troubling that the Remembrance Responsibility Future (EVZ) Foundation has not provided specific steps to compensate victims of the Nazis and educate about the horrors of the regime. “Instead of fulfilling this goal and combating anti- Semitism – both part of the Foundation’s mandate – EVZ has funded German and Arab student programs that present distorted views of the Arab-Israeli conflict, compare Israeli policies to those of previous, repressive German governments, and developed student materials with anti-Semitic images and texts,” added Steinberg. NGO Monitor, a prominent watchdog organization, has exposed over the years European NGOs who misappropriated public funds to undercut Israel’s legitimacy as a state. According to NGO Monitor, the group closely monitors the work of European NGOs and their misallocation of funds “to promote the Palestinian narrative, and not for peace-building measures based on mutual understanding.”” “Steinberg told the Post that “The EVZ misused 20,000 euros to fund programs that actually contribute to the delegitimization of Israel. This information has been presented to EVZ, and yet the Foundation refuses to say how it will remedy the situation. The German government, which funds EVZ, should immediately cease funding and stop all operations until a complete evaluation of committee members, funding mechanisms and programming is complete.”” ““The German government must assert its role on the EVZ Board of Trustees,” said Anne Herzberg, an NGO Monitor legal adviser. She added that “The time for excuses is over. The German government has a responsibility to fix this problem now. The educational damage done to students can be reversed by teaching them about the true values of human rights, tolerance, and the realities of anti-Semitism. Most importantly, the government needs to direct funding to survivors, as it was initially intended.””