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Goldstone’s sudden surge of good feelings toward the Jewish state is actually most revealing of the faux human rights groups that worshiped at his feet so long as he was condemning the Jewish state. NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based watchdog group that has revealed the overt anti-Israel bias of ostensibly pro-human rights groups, puts out a written statement that reads in part: “NGO superpowers like Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International, along with smaller NGOs like Al Haq and Adalah – many of which receive funding from the New Israel Fund (NIF) and European governments – have been central in spreading this false apartheid analogy,” [NGO Monitor president Professor Gerald] Steinberg adds. “HRW’s Ken Roth was a key figure in orchestrating the Goldstone Report on Gaza – like this report, Roth is now completely discredited. Similarly, Goldstone’s words answer B’Tselem’s Jessica Montell, who has offensively stated that ‘In some cases, the situation in the West Bank is worse than apartheid in South Africa.’ She, along with the hundreds of other NGO representatives that have demonized Israel through the Durban strategy, are now exposed for their rhetoric that contributes to hatred and stands in sharp contrast to the moral foundations of universal human rights. These groups are now left without their favorite jurist and without cover for their campaign against the Jewish state. This should be illuminating for any members of the public and press who may continue to confuse these groups with serious defenders of human rights.”