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Unsurprisingly, Oxfam has joined the BDS in this movement [to close down the West Bank factory],” SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said. “I’m saying ‘unsurprisingly’ because we found out that some of the Oxfam branches have been donating funds to the BDS, and this money is used to demonize and attack Israel.”

Last week, Johansson resigned from her eight-year role as Oxfam’s ambassador after a series of vitriolic attacks by pro-Palestinian activists and groups for her recent decision to also represent SodaStream.

Rather than cave to pressure from those who call for a boycott of goods from West Bank settlements, Johansson chose SodaStream over Oxfam, explaining that the company employed Palestinians who worked alongside Israelis.

Birnbaum spoke out Sunday against Oxfam after the Israeli nonprofit group NGO Monitor posted information on its website claiming that in 2013, the charity’s Dutch affiliate Oxfam Novib had transferred NIS 406,300 to the Coalition of Women for Peace, which was involved in the BDS campaign against Israel.