Surge in Palestinian Youths in Prison Tests Israel’s Justice System” (April 29) repeats the condemnations of two non-government organizations, the Israeli group known as B’Tselem and the Palestinian branch of Defence for Children International. Both claim to promote human rights, and in this case, the rights of Palestinian children who have been arrested by Israel for violent crimes.

B’Tselem and Defence for Children International – Palestine complain about Israel’s detention practices, but are silent about Palestinian terror groups that recruit child soldiers and incitement that targets Palestinian youth. They are silent when children throw stones and Molotov cocktails, or perpetrate stabbing or shooting attacks.

And, they are silent over the Israeli children who are far too often victims of these acts of terror.

As with many other non-governmental groups that are active in the Arab-Israeli conflict, advocating for children comes second to demonizing Israel. And human rights come second to political warfare.