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April 17, 2014

To the Editor,

In responding to allegations that New Israel Fund (NIF) funds organizations that promote BDS campaigns (“Who has the right to Celebrate Israel,” Haaretz, April 6, 2014), NIF spokesperson Naomi Paiss obfuscates. As clearly demonstrated in NIF’s own financial statements, NIF funding for the Coalition of Women for Peace continued into 2012 – contrary to Paiss’ claims.

NIF funding for Coalition of Women for Peace enabled the Coalition to launch a major BDS initiative, “Who Profits.” This initiative continues to be a significant component of the international campaign against Israel, identifying corporations for boycotts and divestment.  Recent cancellation of economic cooperation and divestment in the Netherlands is directly traceable to CWP reports, authored during the time of NIF funding.

After intense public pressure and criticism, in 2012 NIF ended funding for groups such as Coalition of Women for Peace and Mada al-Carmel, which promote a BDS agenda.

Now, NIF should turn its attention to other grantees that, to varying degrees, contribute to international campaigns to delegitimize Israel and other anti-Israel activities that erode, rather than strengthen, support for Israel. This is the least NIF can do to mitigate the damage it has caused.

NGO Monitor