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FoundedRegistered Israeli Amuta (non-profit organization) in 2007



  • Founded “as a research project of the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) – a feminist, Palestinian-Jewish organization devoted to the struggle against the occupation…” and “in response to the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement” against Israel.
  • In 2013, “in light of the expansion of Who Profits and its increasing professionalization as a research center, the project separated from CWP and became an independent organization. Who Profits and CWP continue to collaborate as sister organizations.”
  • Seeks to expose “the commercial involvement of Israeli and international companies in the continued Israeli control over Palestinian and Syrian land… we focus on three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: the settlement industry, economic exploitation and control over population.”
  • In September 2017, Who Profits published a report, “Touring Israeli Settlements: Business and Pleasure for the Economy of Occupation,” accusing Israel of “pursu[ing] a dual strategy for its aggressive exploitation, heavily investing in Israeli tourist enterprises beyond the Green Line while simultaneously restricting and actively de-developing the Palestinian tourism industry.” Who Profits accuses companies active in the tourism industry, such as, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor, of “reaping massive amounts of profit and, in the process, strengthening the Israeli settlement enterprise and Israel’s economy of occupation as a whole.”
  • In July 2017, following a water-sharing deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Who Profits published a Facebook post stating that the “latest water-sharing agreement between Israel and the Palestinian authority only serves to highlight the vastly unequal relationship between occupier and occupied.” The post also repeated the allegations from its 2013 report against the Israeli national water company Mekorot, that it is “exploit[ing] Palestinian water sources,” “appl[ying] discriminatory water prices, charging Palestinians higher rates than Israelis,” and “enabl[ing] extensive agricultural production in illegal Israeli settlements.”
  • In May 2017, Who Profits published “Occupational Hazards: The Eco-Politics of the Israeli Occupation,” accusing six waste and recycling management companies that operate facilities in the West Bank of “enjoy[ing] an environmentally-friendly and clean image while exploiting Palestinian natural resources, taking advantage of the area’s lax environmental regulations and creating pollution in the West Bank.”

BDS Activities

  • ‘Who Profits’ initiates international BDS campaigns, targeting Israeli and foreign banks, security companies, civil infrastructure facilities, and private companies. It supports BDS campaigns around the world in finding target companies. The website provides the option to “Report a Company,” and calls on the public “to identify companies that should be included in their database.” This database includes more than 500 Israeli and international businesses.
  • Coalition of Women for Peace and Who Profits co-authored a document “Knowing the Occupation Economy” (2015)
    • Who Profits attached a “sample letter” (see appendix 1) to the report under the title “contact company management.” The letter seeks to “bring to your attention your company’s involvement in the ongoing expulsion of Palestinian residents from their homes and lands- a process which beginning in the 1948 Nakba, and is continuously ongoing in the day to day policies of occupation and land theft” (emphasis added).
    • Also calls for lobbying the EU to cancel the EU-Israel trade agreement relating to the Israeli pharmaceutical industry.
  • Who Profits acts against small and medium businesses in Israel. NGO Monitor has acquired a number of letters sent in English from the “Who Profits staff” to Israeli businesses, informing them that they will be added to the NGO’s database (see appendix 2). The consequences of being added to this “database” include being targeted by BDS campaigners and being lobbied against in various international forums.
  • Who Profits was part of a major May 2015 BDS campaign against the French telecom company Orange and its connections with the Israeli company Partner. Who Profits maintains a unique webpage dedicated to Partner Communications, which has been updated over the years. Reflecting an extreme political agenda opposed to Israeli self-defense, Who Profits makes allegations that are completely unrelated to commercial involvement in the West Bank and Golan Heights: “As part of its social responsibility policy, the company sponsored two Israeli military units for several years. Under the framework of the ‘Adopt a Soldier’ project, the company supported the Ezuz armored battalion and the Shachar search and rescue unit, through the provision of sports days, entertainment activities and training. During the attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014, Partner was on the front lines providing material support, cellular services and entertainment to the Israeli soldiers. The company also waived service fees for soldiers carrying [sic] the assault during July-August 2014” (emphasis added).
  • Based on information provided by Who Profits, a large Dutch pension fund, PGGM, announced on January 8, 2014 that it will “no longer invest in five Israeli banks.” Who Profits, as well as a number of other highly politicized NGOs, lobbied PGGM to divest from these Israeli banks as part of its economic warfare campaign against Israel.
  • Published a May 2012 report, “Ahava: Tracking the Trade Trail of Settlement Products,” falsely alleging that the Israeli company “extracts the mud from occupied Palestinian territory, thereby exploiting Palestinian natural resources.”
  • Published a February 2012 report accusing Hewlett Packard of “direct involvement in the occupation” and using the company as “a case study to discuss the role of international and local corporations in Israel’s mechanisms of surveillance and control over the occupied Palestinian territories.” The report presents an entirely one-sided narrative and completely omits Israeli security concerns, as part of the broader campaign to delegitimize Israel.
  • Published a 2009 report alleging Norwegian Government Pension Fund investments with “corporations whose activities continuously support and maintain the Israeli occupation,” leading the Norwegian Fund to divest from Israeli security company Elbit. In the report, Elbit, which supplies unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), was described as “One of the main subcontractors for electronic detection systems in the separation fence and the seamline barrier for the Israeli Ministry of Defense.” Elbit’s role in preventing attacks against Israeli civilians was ignored.
  • Published a January 2011 report, “SodaStream: A Case Study for Corporate Activity in Illegal Israeli Settlements,” alleging the “[e]xploitation” and “restrictions of movement and organization” of Palestinian employees. In fact, SodaStream employs hundreds of Palestinians, in favorable conditions, alongside Israelis.


  • Co-founder Dalit Baum was a former board member of radical Israeli NGO Zochrot, which was established with the aim of “rais[ing] public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba” and “recognizing and materializing the right of return,” meaning the end of Israel as a Jewish state. Baum was also coordinator of the Middle East program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), which actively promotes BDS, utilizes “apartheid” analogies, and advocates the so-called Palestinian right of return.
  • Baum testified as an “expert” to the notorious “Russell Tribunal on Palestine,” a mock trial putting Israel and its Western allies “on trial” and promoting “existing legal actions and campaigns in the context of BDS to be stepped up and widened within the EU and globally” against Israel.

Funding information based on quarterly reports submitted to the Israeli Registrar of Non Profits (amounts in NIS)

Trocaire (Ireland)114,77085,06886,75494,496
Fagforbundet (Norway)47,82344,06144,26252,31542,837
Bread for the World(Germany)32,71428,751
Nova (Spain)5,70541,764
Kairos Canada(Private)9,660
ICCO (Netherlands)43,168392,282642,100
Medico International(Germany)50,98446,11651,69848,84061,607
Facing Finance E.V (Germany-Private)2,477
Avaaz Foundation6,913
Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Private)90,36194,965
Church of Sweden210,504110,728
CCFD-Terre Solidaire (France)40,017

Appendix 1

who profits bds letter

Appendix 2

Archive of Articles about Who Profits