Khiam Rehabilitation Center (Lebanon)




  • The organization does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency.
  • In 2007-2010, the EU, via EIDHR, granted Khiam €642,000 for a program titled “Medical, Social, and Psychological Assistance for Victims of Torture”.


  • Claims to oppose torture, with links to prominent international anti-torture NGOs and peace images of doves on its website. Many of its campaigns closely parallel Hezbollah objectives.
  • Appears to be identical to the Follow-up Committee for the Support of the Lebanese Detainees in Israeli Prisons (FCLD), which campaigns for the release of “hostages held in the Khiam and Israeli detention camps.” The websites include testimonies with allegations from “torture victims”.
  • The Khiam Center and FCLD published a joint document “Calling for the freedom of Samir al-Kantar…”. Kuntar, who murdered an Israeli family in a 1979 terror attack, is referred to as a “hostage in the Israeli prisons” following his “operation against occupied forces [sic] in Palestine.”
  • Khiam Center’s celebration of Kuntar’s “liberation” included distributing candies and flowers outside its offices. His terrorist attack was labeled a “heroic act.”


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