Amuta for NGO Responsibility: Item 7 General Debate - Oral Statement


Thank you Mr. President.

The international community has long ignored the Palestinian weaponization of children.

The Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Hamas, and other armed factions routinize the grooming of children from an early age as combatants in the Palestinian war against Israel and Jews. They have enacted a widespread and systematic program of violent and antisemitic incitement. Children are encouraged by cuddly animals on PA and Hamas TV to kill Jews. Fatah publishes manuals for kids on how best to kill with stones and knives.

Recreation centers and sports tournaments are named after terrorists, including kids who kill. UNRWA schools teach antisemitism, hate, and glorify Palestinian killers and the elimination of Israel.

Kids are encouraged to skip school to participate in violent riots, slingshot rocks at passing cars, and even to stab children and mothers to death in their homes.

Instead of prioritizing social programs and economic development, the PA rewards and encourages this violence, spending more than $350million a year incentivizing murder.  The greater the atrocity, the more money for the Palestinian perpetrator. This pay to slay program, funded by the UN, EU, and many governments, provides salaries greatly in excess of those trying to earn an honest living. The reports of the High Commissioner and Mr. Lynk ignore this abuse while heroicizing Palestinian violence.

How do Palestinian children stand a chance with such dysfunctional leadership?

Mr. President, the international community must stop enabling Palestinian child abuse. Do not the rights and welfare of children mean more than anti-Israel obsession?