The European Union’s denial that it funds anti-Israel NGO campaigns, while at the same time acknowledging that this takes place, indicates a lack of due diligence by the EU.

Support for these organizations is only part of the problem, as numerous organizations receiving EU grants have been clearly shown to be involved in incitement, demonization, boycotts, anti-peace and anti-normalization efforts. Some even go as far as rejecting the EU’s own Peacebuilding Initiative. These NGOs are among the leaders in opposing stated EU policy on these issues, but no mechanism exists to oversee and evaluate how the funds are used.

NGO Monitor research presented to senior EU officials demonstrates that this phenomenon has continued for many years, and this information has generated expressions of concern from those officials.

To deal with this important issue, NGO Monitor calls on the EU to immediately initiate an internal audit to identify and prevent misuse of NGO funding. We call on MInister Erdan to accept VP Mogherini’s invitation to begin a direct dialogue on NGO funding, to involve senior Israeli and EU officials and experts.