Church’s decision a moral rebuff of global NGO political war against Israel

JERUSALEM – In the wake of the decision by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to reject divestment in three companies doing business with Israel, Yitzhak Santis, Chief Programs Officer, NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research organization, made the following statement:

“The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s moral vote rejecting divestment from three companies doing business with Israel sends a strong message to the worldwide NGO political war against Israel.

“This vote is a principled rebuff of the well-financed decade-long international campaign that seeks to co-opt major Christian denominations to the anti-Israel cause, which would make them part of the ongoing conflict. Much of the funding for this campaign was diverted from well-intentioned church-based humanitarian aid agencies, and initially provided by governments in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Taxpayer money is thereby entangled with highly politicized pro-Palestinian groups that often deploy antisemitic theology to buttress their attacks.

“Governments that inadvertently fund Sabeel, Holy Land Trust and similar groups have a responsibility to ensure that taxpayers’ money is not being used to fund such activities. NGO Monitor has repeatedly called for transparency from these governments, as well as an independent review of the impact of this funding.”

NGO Monitor’s July 2 report- BDS in the Pews: European, US, and Canadian Government Funding Behind Anti-Israel Activism in Mainline Churches – details the governmental funding initially provided to humanitarian organizations that is transferred for these anti-Israel NGO activities and campaigns.