The High Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that the case of detained pro-Palestinian activist Anne Peter-Robinson be returned to the Tel Aviv District Court, where the judge will see the Shin Bet’s classified information allegedly proving that she is involved in hostile terrorist activity. Robinson-Peter came to Israel to participate in the activities of ISM, a pro-Palestinian political movement that has been agitating against the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip. The 44-year-old New York-based graphic and video artist was detained at Ben-Gurion Airport and barred by the Interior Ministry from entering the country. She is being held by the Immigration Police at the detention center for those refused entry into the country. Before she could be deported, Peter-Robinson appealed via Attorney Shamai Leibowitz to the Tel Aviv Administrative (District) Court. …..Leibowitz told The Jerusalem Post that he had not wanted Mudrick to see the Shin Bet’s information without the defense being there to prevent a one-sided situation in which the plaintiffs could not challenge the agency’s charges. But they agreed to Mazza’s demand because they saw they would lose the appeal otherwise, and because they would be allowed to submit affidavits to the district court judge. One affidavit has already been prepared by Yahad MK Roman Bronfman. Others are expected from human rights activists Jeremy Milgrom and Arik Ascherman. [Ascherman is the head of the NGO known as Rabbis for Human Rights, and Milgrom is also involved with this group.]