In December 2008, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) — funded by the NIF — issued its annual “State of Human Rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories” report. In the report, ACRI employs language that demonizes and delegitimizes Israel:

“This state of affairs in which all the services, budgets, and the access to natural resources are granted along discriminatory and separatist lines according to ethnic-national criteria is a blatant violation of the principle of equality, and is in many ways reminiscent of the Apartheid regime in South Africa…such a state of affairs is in total contradiction of the principles of international law: under international law, the Palestinian residents of the Occupied Territories are defined as a protected civilian population in an occupied territory, and as such they are supposed to enjoy a privileged status with regard to the protection of their rights.” (emphasis in original)

In addition to the radical rhetoric of these statements — which received media attention in Israel, England, France, and other international forums — the legal claims contained within are misrepresentations of international humanitarian law. Additional claims of Israeli institutional “racism” were made by ACRI representatives at Sabeel´s November conference.