According to an article in The Canadian Press, the Canadian government refused to fund a conference organized by Alternatives, a pro-Palestinian solidarity NGO. Alternatives had reportedly requested a $C50,000 grant for the event, which included a focus on “conflicts in the Middle East,” and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) recommended supporting it. But, the Canadian government elected not to fund the conference.

The Canadian Press article also details a 70 percent cut in CIDA’s core funding for Alternatives. In 2007, Alternatives reported that it received $C2.4 million from CIDA, out of a $C4.9 million budget. That has been reduced to $C800,000 for 2009-2011, with CIDA withholding support for projects in the Palestinian Authority, Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada, and Central America.

NGO Monitor’s research demonstrates that Alternatives promotes the Palestinian narrative, uses demonizing “apartheid” rhetoric, and supports the BDS movement.