Christian Aid, Sabeel, the Middle East Forum of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) of the East Jerusalem YMCA, Pax Christi and others participated in an "International Church Action for Peace in Palestine and Israel advocacy initiative", reported in NGO Monitor’s February’s Digest, which took place between 12-19 March.

A statement made by "Church leaders" in Jerusalem promoted the Palestinian narrative, implied that Israeli actions are the root cause of violence in the region and absolved the Palestinians of any responsibility in the conflict. At the event in London’s Westminster Central Hall, organized by CTBI and Christian Aid, the Rt. Rev Michael Langrish, Bishop of Exeter said "this is not a one off, but part of a strategy of awareness in our churches."

Christian Aid continues to promote organizations and events that advance a political agenda, which consistently blames Israel for the ongoing conflict. The biased and politicized nature of the week-long event was evident in the "solidarity mission" that visited the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem and "took part in a candlelit vigil for peace next to the separation wall at Qalandiya, close to Ramallah." Notably absent was any attempt to understand or acknowledge Palestinian attacks against Israel and the history of the conflict.



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