Summary: A meeting between Christian Aid and UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks resulted in the adoption of a consultation agreement, reflecting the impact of NGO Monitor. According to a December 2, 2005 report in the London Jewish Chronicle this charity will act to prevent repetition of "past controversies" such as the "Child of Bethlehem" campaign and avoid causing "offence to the Jewish community."

This agreement reflects the impact of NGO Monitor´s carefully documented reports highlighting Christian Aid’s unbalanced and politicized approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict, its disproportionate focus on Israel and its pattern of erasing the context of terrorism.

The following is an updated report of Christian Aid activity. The evidence highlights the continued imbalance, failure to use universal moral criteria, and contribution to anti-Israel divestment and boycott campaigns. NGO Monitor will continue to examine the charity´s activities, and report on the measures taken to implement the agreement with the Chief Rabbi´s office.

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