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  • An activist in Ta’ayush, one of the most radical groups in Israel, and Anarchists Against the Wall.
  • Amit accuses Israel of “continuous de-humanization of Palestinians as having inferior rights than Jews.”
  • Amit participates in  BDS activities, including urging Leonard Cohen not to perform in Israel and not to cooperate “with continued Israeli defiance of justice and morality” or play a part “in the Israeli charade of self-righteousness.”
  • In a “talkback” on (signed by “Elinor Amit”), she praises fellow activist Jonathan Pollak for his “Courage to stand up this way to Israeli apartheid.”
  • At a protest against the arrest of Tali Fahima, who was convicted for aiding the Palestinian terrorist Zacharia Zubeidi, Amit stated that Israel is “fascist.”
  • Signed a petition alleging that “the Israeli government may be contemplating crimes against humanity.”
  • Amit signed a petition directed at the Tel Aviv University president, asking him to “commemorate [the village of] Sheikh Muwanis,” which the petition claimed stood on the site of the university before 1948, in every formal paper by the university.