In an “urgent message” to members of ICAHD-USA, Director Jeff Halper announced, “We have just heard that our request for re-funding [from the European Union] has been rejected…So we now face a real crisis.” NGO Monitor’ research has shown that EU funding represented the majority of ICAHD’s budget, despite the EU’s claim that it only grants project support. (EU decision making for funding highly political NGOs such as ICAHD is highly secretive, as documented in NGO Monitor’ report Europe’ Hidden Hand.)

The Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) promotes a highly politicized narrative of the conflict, falsely accusing Israelof “ethnic cleansing” and “state terrorism” and using demonization rhetoric that is unrelated to housing issues. In August, Jeff Halper was a leading activist on the Free Gaza boat trip, a political publicity stunt operated under the façade of “humanitarian aid.”