• NGO activists have systematically obtained tourist visas to enter Israel under false pretenses, and then acted to harass and obstruct IDF and security personnel, organize and participate in violent protests, contact terror organizations, promote BDS and demonization, and engage in other activities inconsistent with the status of tourists.
  • This growing phenomenon has been a source of concern in Israel, leading to a change in government policy. Previously, individual activists were refused entry into Israel on a case-by-case basis.
  • On August 7, Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Minister Arye Deri announced the formation of a joint taskforce to work to prevent BDS activists from further exploiting tourist visas and to deport activists in the country illegally.
  • International organizations can apply for humanitarian aid visas in order to work in the West Bank.
    • The terms of Israeli humanitarian aid visas prohibit the recipient individuals and organizations from engaging in political or legal activities.
    • Israel does not exercise exclusive control over entry or exit from Gaza via land borders. Activists seeking entry to Gaza are able to apply via Egypt, in addition to Israel.
  • According to media reports, Israeli border control has already refused entry on several occasions:

Refusal of entry

  • Under international law and practice, every state has an absolute right to control its borders and determine which individuals are entitled to entry.
  • Examples of denial of entry in other countries: