Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a U.S.-based political organization, which refers to itself as the “Jewish wing” of the Palestinian solidarity movement. JVP provides the façade of Jewish support for BDS and other forms of demonization, including on university campuses and in churches, while also seeking to “drive a wedge” within the American Jewish community and generate polarization over Israel.

Jewish Voice for Peace is not transparent about its funding sources. Limited financial information is available through public IRS documents, which report total income of $3,959,130 in FY2021 (July 2021-June 2022; latest available), $2,882,791 in FY2020, and $3,332,837 in FY2019.

For 2019-2021, in total, NGO Monitor was able to identify $3,395,329 in donations and grants to JVP. Donors include private foundations that disburse funds at the discretion of directors, as well as foundations that act as conduits for private giving (“donor advised”). Most of the information for 2022 is not currently available, but NGO Monitor found $48,700 (many nonprofits have not yet published their financial statements for that year).

In 2019-2021, the largest known private donations were provided by:

  • Kaphan Foundation ($441,510)
    • The Kaphan Foundation was established by Sheldon J. Kaphan. It “primarily funds grantmaking related to policy and civic action, digital rights, education and youth, the environment, health, and global causes.”
    • Kaphan has also provided funding for the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), an ideological NGO that promotes demonization of Israel. CCR is active in lawfare suits against Israel and Israeli officials;, promotes BDS campaigns; urges the U.S. government to stop providing military aid to Israel; and repeatedly accuses Israel of  “war crimes,” “crimes against humanity,” and other such allegations.
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund ($340,000)
  • Quitiplas Foundation ($200,000)
    • Quitiplas Foundation is registered in Wilmington, Delaware.
    • The Foundation only lists one employee, Thomas M Scruggs Jr., who claims to have “extensive experience in community media and leftist organizing.”
  • Matthew G Krane Foundation ($198,000)
    • The grants to JVP appear to be the only major donation by the foundation in 2019-2021.
    • In 2011, Krane was sentenced to 32-months in prison “in connection with a fraudulent tax shelter scheme.”
  • Open Society Policy Center ($150,000)
  • Vivian & Paul Olum Charitable Foundation ($117,500)

In 2019-2021, anonymous donor-advised funds were provided through:

  • Schwab Charitable Fund ($654,233)
  • Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund ($260,705)
  • Morgan Stanley Global Impact ($175,600)
  • Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program ($98,650)
  • Tides Foundation ($75,000)
  • National Philanthropic Trust ($13,300)
  • American Endowment Foundation ($8,500)

Known Funding to JVP from Foundations

Amalgamated Charitable Foundation Inc$6,000$5,000$10,000
American Online Giving Foundation Inc$34,897$14,746$14,413
Angelo R & Mary V Cali Family Foundation Inc$1,000$3,500
Arc of Justice$10,000$10,000
Bollag Family Foundation$1,500$1,500$1,500$1,500
David & Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund $500$1,000$1,000
Defense Against Thought Control Foundation Inc$3,000$1,000$5,000
Do Right Foundation$3,000$3,000$3,000
Edna Wardlaw Charitable$9,000$11,000
Elias Foundation$10,000
Feingold Family Charitable Foundation$1,000$1,000$1,000
Firedoll Foundation$25,000$25,000
Foundation for Middle East Peace$10,000$5,000
Good Planet Foundation$10,000$10,000
Halaby Family Foundation Inc$2,000
Harter Family Charitable Foundation$5,000
Impactassets Inc$9,600$7,000$19,250
Kaphan Foundation$190,454$151,056$100,000
Key Foundation$1,000
Kiblawi Foundation$200$150
Lynn Handleman Charitable Foundation$30,000$20,000
Mal Bdl Charitable Foundation$10,000
Mamdani Foundation$1,500$1,500$2,500
Matthew G Krane Foundation$100,000$48,000$50,000
Masimo Foundation for Ethics Innovation & Competition in Health$20,000
Maximum Difference Foundation$2,500
McNabb Foundation$1,000
Morse Family Foundation Inc$1,000$2,000$1,000
Neil Barsky And Joan S Davidson Foundation$2,500$1,000
Network for Good$6,115
Norman E Alexander Family S Foundation Inc$30,000
Ohrstrom Foundation$25,000
Open Society Policy Center$150,000
Phillips Green Foundation Inc$2,000$1,000
Quitiplas Foundation$200,000
Rockefeller Brothers Fund$165,000$100,000$75,000
Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation$2,000$2,000$2,000
Shana Alexander Charitable Foundation in Honor of M Ager Inc$2,000
Shimkin Foundation$2,500
Social Ventures Inc$5,000
Sparkplug Foundation$5,000
Tarbell Family Foundation$7,000
The James & Mary Jane Barrett Foundation$7,500$8,000
The Melaver Foundation Inc$1,000$1,000
Tomkins Family Foundation$2,000
Violet Jabara Charitable Trust$25,000$25,000 
Vivian & Paul Olum Charitable Foundation$25,000$40,000 $25,000$27,500

Donor Advised Funding to JVP

American Endowment Foundation$8,500
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund$82,112$107,989$70,604
Morgan Stanley Global Impact$90,000$58,100$27,500
National Philanthropic Trust$5,500$7,800
Schwab Charitable Fund$197,700$191,768$264,765
TIAA Charitable$27,250$104,950$89,700
Tides Foundation$75,000
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program$29,800$62,850$6,000