In 2007, NGO Monitor’s reports and publications continued to have an impact on increasing NGO responsibility and stimulated debate among government officials, diplomats, academics and in the media. This annual report is a summary of our accomplishments in 2007, highlighting our activities and publications on various NGOs and NGO funders. The report also details NGO Monitor’s submissions to UN and governmental bodies, presence on the internet, media impact and projected growth for 2008.

Table of Contents:

Mission Statement
Letter from Prof. Gerald Steinberg, Executive Director

1. Engaging with NGO Officials and Donors

1a. Canadian Government Reduces Funding for Radical NGOs

1b. Challenging the New Israel Fund “Civil Rights” Grants

1c. Ford Foundation’s Funding of Politicized NGOs

2. Impacting Governments and Decision Markers

2a. NGO Monitor’s Submission to the Durban Preparatory Committee

2b. Debunking the Myths of the World Bank Report

2c. NGO Monitor’s Submission to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

2d. NGO Monitor’s Submission to the Winograd Committee

3. NGO Monitor’s Second Annual Conference

4. Expanding NGO Monitor’s Internet Presence

5. NGO Monitor in the Media

6. Financial Information

7. Looking Ahead: NGO Monitor in 2008


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