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ISM found guilty of hiding Islamic Jihad Terrorist

A senior member of Islamic Jihad was arrested by IDF troops while hiding in the offices of the International Solidarity Movement. The IDF spokesperson warned: "this is not the first time that terrorists make use of offices and property of international and humanitarian organizations."

Israel Medical Association accuses PHR-Israel of politicization

The Israel Medical Association (IMA) has officially accused the Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) of politicization. Previously, NGO Monitor criticized PHR-Israel of politicization in its campaign to threaten Israeli gynecologists with sanctions.

Human Rights Watch World (HRW) Report 2003

Three Palestinian NGOs issued the report: "Comments on Torture and Other Ill-Treatment of Palestinians" Like similar reports, this report exaggerates and distorts their effect so as to make the IDF appear as a rogue regime implementing brutal punishments.

UNICEF Funding Political Activities

HRW continues to be a major contributor to the political and ideological effort to delegitimize Israel. Despite declaring that the hallmark and pride of HRW is the even-handedness and accuracy of our reporting, HRW displays an ambivalence to balanced reporting.

Virtual pilgrimage of solidarity with Caritas organizations

The Caritas organizations has a long record of animosity towards Israel. They have frequently criticized Israel, vilified the Israel Defense Forces, trivialized Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians, and highlighted the Palestinians as innocent victims of an immoral, brutal oppressor.

Showing 1571-1580 of 1599