Mu'assasat - Human Rights & Good Governance NGO Secretariat in Gaza/West Bank




Mu’assasat Secretariat was founded in 2006 to support Israeli and Palestinian NGOs. It was a branch of the Copenhagen Development Consultancy (CDC) organization, which went bankrupt in July 2007, resulting in Mu’assasat’s closure.  

  • Mission: the goals of the organization (as described on the Austrian Foreign Ministry’s website) were, “to strengthening the performance, outcome and strategic outreach of NGO programmes in human rights and good governance (HR/GG), improving coordination among HR & GG NGOs, and improving their internal performance in terms of accountability and organizational governance…”
  • Funding was provided by the development agencies of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. According to information NGO Monitor obtained from the Danish Development Agency’s offices in Ramallah, Mu’assasat issued grants totaling USD $5,484,000 to the following organizations:

Staff: The former Director of Mu’assasat, Khalil Nakhleh, had served as a consultant to the European Commission, and as an official of the Palestinian Ministry of Education. In a speech at Sabeel’s 6th International Conference “The Forgotten Faithful” on November 6, 2006, Nakhleh accused Israel of carry out “ethnic cleansing” and a “system of apartheid and an ideology of exclusion”, and proposed an international “coalition of the committed” against Israeli “apartheid”,  which “should discard and reject the often repeated slogan of a 2-state solution…” See also references to “Apartheid Separation Wall” in address at a 2004 PASSIA meeting on Governance for the Palestinians.

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