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Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD)


In their own words“Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) aims to protect and promote human rights and development. We use brave ideas and new approaches to make real changes. GNRD already acts in many corners of the world and will soon make its presence global.”



  • GNRD refers to Israel as “the Palestinian territories 1948” and “1948 occupied territories.”
  • One of their objectives is “Engaging the UN through advocacy during conferences, with a special focus on the Human Rights Council.” Organized a 2013 UN side event called “Israeli Violations of Human Rights.”
  • Reflecting a biased narrative of the Arab-Israeli conflict, GNRD refers only to “Israeli aggression,” erasing violations by terror groups and other Palestinian actors, blaming Israel for the conflict, and ignoring the rights of Israelis.
  • GNRD maintains a campaign to give school bags to children in a West Bank “village which was swallowed by the Israeli West Bank Barrier.”
  • During the September 2014 Session of the UN Human Rights Council, GNRD hosted a side event featuring Adel Atieh, an official at the Palestinian mission to the UN. The Palestinian official “accused the international community of complicity in Israeli violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) during its recent offensive against Gaza.” Another member of the panel accused Israel of using “powerful weapons armed with depleted uranium which would contaminate the soil and were known to cause cancer and birth defects.”
  • In August 2014, GNRD launched the “Help Gaza” campaign, seeking to “send medicine to the Al Awda hospital” in the wake of “the devastation of the Israeli aggression” during the “latest Israeli attack”  The campaign seeks to raise funds to help “combat the injustice that transpired in Gaza.” GNRD also refers to Gaza as an “area that has been so unfairly punished.”
  • Co-hosted a “Children in Conflict” conference at the European Parliament, which also included members of World Vision and Defence for Children International – Palestine. The conference, largely focused on the 2014 Gaza conflict, was a platform for demonization of Israel.


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