Union Juive Française pour la paix (UJFP)


In their own wordsEstablished in 1994 following a will for a Jewish expression on the conditions of a just peace in the Middle-East, UJFP is a Jewish and secular organization that includes Jewish and non-Jewish members with diversified histories and experiences.


  • L’Union juive Française pour la Paix (UJFP) does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability.1
  • In 2016, France granted UJFP €18,000. It is not clear what the funding was used for.
  • In 2012, French Senator Esther Benbassa provided UJFP with €3,150 of government funding via a Parliamentary fund (Reserve Parlementaire) for an “exhibition and discussion evening on the situation of the Bedouins in the Negev.”


BDS Activities

  • Supports BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel, despite the fact that such boycotts are illegal under French law. UJFP states that “this campaign is characterized in several axes: boycotts (economic, athletic, trade-union, cultural, and academic), divestment, sanctions (political, economic and judicial).”
  • As a member of the Collectif National pour une Paix Juste et Durable entre Palestiniens (CNPJDPI), signed a “call for the suspension of the European Union- Israel association agreement.”
  • Signatory to a 2017 statement marking the anniversaries of the 1917 Balfour declaration, the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan, and the Six Day War. The statement calls for “the suspension of the EU’s Association Agreement with Israel” and on the international community “to cease all complicity with continued settlement activity and the myriad of ways that Israel violates international law.” The statement condemns the 1947 UN partition plan, claiming it “resulted in the 1948 Nakba, the demolition of more than 530 Palestinian villages and the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland, and is thus a process of ethnic cleansing”; and claims that European countries “made Palestine carry the consequences of the monstrous genocide of the European Jews by the Nazis; and subsequently they did nothing to require that Israel respect UN resolutions.”
  • In an interview titled “Nothing will change as long as Israel won’t be sanctioned,” Pierre Stambul, a senior member of UJFP, declared that “Fundamentally, nothing will change on the ground as long as Israel, a rogue state, is not sanctioned.” He further delegitimized the existence of the State of Israel saying that “Since its founding the UN has behaved unjustly against the Palestinian people. The 1947 partition of Palestine was an ignominy.”
  • UJFP argues that “the Palestinian people pays for crimes (antisemitism, the Nazi genocide) committed by the European society” and in 2016 filed a petition addressed to the French Prime Minister, calling for the boycott of Israel, claiming that “for decades, the Palestinian people suffers from the occupation, the colonization, the blockade… the negation of their rights, the massive imprisonment, the destructions of houses, extrajudicial executions…the worse discriminations.”
  • In 2015, Richard Srogosz, member of UJFP and president of BDS 57 (a local branch of BDS France), sent a “letter to pharmacists informing them about the international boycott campaign against the company [Teva], and inviting them to discuss the issue.” In parallel, BDS 57 campaigned to “persuade pharmacists to not commercialize TEVA’s generics, and replace them with generics of another brand.” In response, Teva, together with the organizations Avocats sans Frontières and France-Israël, sued Srogosz.

“Resistance” rhetoric

Other activities


UJFP is a member of  several politicized organizations including the European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP), which “endorses the Palestinian civil-society call for BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions),” the Platform of French NGOs for Palestine, the Collectif National pour une Paix Juste et Durable entre Palestiniens (CNPJDPI), the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP) and The Research and Information Centre for Development (Centre de Recherche et d’Information pour le Développement – CRID).


  1. All translations in this document were done by NGO Monitor

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